Don't sleep

I tend to Go Back a lot

Rewinding, sometimes rearranging,

I use my thoughts as clay

and my hands would be the variations

or moments

I think of myself as creative

but I get hick-ups on my actions

Like a glitched CD

and so many times I have to go back to the start-

focusing on the struggle of playing only to Go Back

My nickname is 360

The circle leads back to itself

I call myself Undone

and try to say, hey a circle could be a spiral,

but I acknowledge myself as a dot

Take one thought then divide it into 15

Or whatever number, 15 feels right,

When 14 has been brought up

I would get close to drawing a path

But don't get me wrong, I still have a lot of open 7s

that has given me more satisfaction than the full circle

I am in a 7 right now

It's confusing

It's right

But it's confusing

The 15 is only created in hindsight

Illustration from 2017 (?)

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